Why Was I Given A Card?

If you've received a card that looks like this:

You've come to the right place! Someone gave you this card because they did something nice for you (if you aren't sure what it was, check the back of the card for a short note), and they wanted you to know it was out of the kindness of their heart. They didn't do it because they believe they'll get a reward, or be recognized, or even for a pat on the back. They did it because they feel compelled to do good things for others around them. If you read through the stories on our site, you may find one that is about their experience helping you! They identify as a non-religious person, they do not believe that a god commands good deeds, but that compassion for humanity does. They may identify as atheist, agnostic, secularist, humanist, or nothing at all, but they wanted you to know that people can (and do) 'do good' without god. 

We'd love to share your story of how you received your card; please contact us (click the link and remove the space before the "@" symbol) so we can include the act of atheism that brought you to our site! Your submission is 100% anonymous, and your email and information will NOT be kept, sold, or published. We simply want to share your story with others about how a good deed made your day. If you would like to share a picture of where you found your card, please upload it to a photo-sharing site of your choice and send us the link. Unfortunately, due to malicious acts of those who disagree with the message and purpose of this site (all of whom quote their bible extensively), emails with attachments will not be opened, and will be deleted promptly.